Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Super Bowl 2014

So I must write a quick thought about Super bowl, now that little funny clip art is about me. I could care less about football, any sport really. Super Bowl is a good excuse to eat bad food, and see some funny commercials.

I wasn't a big fan of the car Commercials. They were all so........ deep, BUT this one.
 I loved Audi's Doberhuahua commercial.
I also liked this Jeep Commercial with Jerry and George
Budweiser always brings the tear jerkers, and these two were no exceptions.
I think this one was my favorite. I loved the song and the sweet puppy love
This one really had me going... sniff sniff Every Hero deserves a Heroes welcome
This commercial with Stephen Colbert cracked me up.. HA! No pun attended.
The half time show was my FAVORITE so far. I Love Bruno Mars he is such a good entertainer, I love his smooth moves, his sexy voice, and well... he's not so bad to look at. I'm not a huge fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers BUT.... I didn't hate the song they sang. I wouldn't have minded it being Bruno the whole time, BUT.. I still LOVED IT! If you haven't seen it, click on that link.
HA! This made me laugh.
Then I found this, and oh it made me laugh. DONT be offended major Bronco fans. See the funny in it. I can year the old man in my head...."Gotcha a dollar!" plus it's not even true... they didn't almost have it.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Anything is possible

On the way to Grace's DR appointment yesterday, she said this.... I'm not sure why or how it came up but I love... I mean LOVE this

"I like fiction because I like to believe that anything is possible"

I don't know why, but I just loved that. I HOPE she NEVER looses that.

And in the spirit of believing, here was her note for the tooth fairy the other night.

High Bump

I tend to save pictures, funny quotes, funny ecards, or other miscellaneous stuff till have a several to throw all into one blog. So here's my current hoardings.
HA! I love Anchorman
For all you Mr.Grey fans... I saw this advertisement, I guess it's the first released poster thing for the move. (Like my technical term... Poster Thing)

This picture makes me uncomfortable

Do you know how lucky I am to live here? I'm not one for the beach, I hate the sand amongst other things about it BUT I love that I can go with Tyler on a Tuesday afternoon for a walk and lunch with this as my backdrop.

These guys got a deal on Shark Tank but didn't quite plan on a high five or fist bump. I call this

The other day I was mixing patterns... these were the patterns I was going to rock...

Eh?.. Eh?... I think it worked.. I loved it!

Grace made this Panda out of loom bands. I was so impressed, totally cute.

On a Sunday drive Tyler the girls and I took, I noticed this creepy manikin looking out of a window. EW
I can't have random picture blog without one of my Cash
Presley's newest Monster High is my favorite because of her hair! I love that hair!
This is Honey Swamp you can buy her at Target HERE

I got a new bow... I think I like this color on me.

Presley running at the VW night at Sonic. I love this picture by the way

On the way home from bowling with the girl scouts we saw this car.. notice his creepy backseat passengers.

If it zips it fits.. HAHAHAHA, so his is funny. But not true. Just because it zips doesn't mean it fits. Look in a mirror before leaving your home.
HA! This may seem so ridiculous that nobody would ever actually explain color this way, but it's not. People do. People bug.

Aint this the truth.

I LOOOOOVE this! If you know me, you know I LOVE Wicked.. it's my FAVORITE! and my new favorite Disney Cartoon is Frozen, I LOVE Idina Menzel, so I love this. Best of both words.

On one of our shopping extravaganzas Tyler and I came across this. Chubby soda. The perfect drink for Chubby kids everywhere!

Have you EVER seen a motor home with a guest house?? I have, and now thanks to me, you have too. This bad boy takes turns in the Wal-Mart parking lot, and another one down the street.

I don't remember if I already posted pictures of this. But I had Tyler put this frame up so I could frame some frames. He hated me while he did it. BUT when it was all said and done, I think he could appreciate how awesome it is.

Reason 5,650 why diabetes sucks.
Pump wires getting tangled with Wii wires

For Christmas Tyer had a crafty idea to make this Tire wreath for some friends of ours.
I think it turned out pretty cute, but we'll see if it's hung up next year


This past weekend I attended my first AND LAST Cat show. A friend of mine mentioned it was happening and I thought "huh... I've never been to a cat show" It was one of those things that seemed so ridiculously nerdy I couldn't pass it up. Tyler decided he wanted to go, so after he got home from going to the swap meat with a friend we headed out. (That last sentence made it sound like I was leisurely waiting for Ty to come home. I wasn't, he took forever, and I grew really impatient, so it actually ended with a lot of tension and anger HAHAHA!) Once we got into the cat show, we were hit by the smell of cats. So it was a little stinky. There were HUNDREDS of "cat" people walking around, and you know there is a stereotype you think of when thinking of "Cat" people, and well... there is a reason for that stereotype. A lot of lonely looking ladies, or librarians shuffling around with their furry friend. I will tell you several of them made me really nervous, because you could tell they were REALLY into their cat, it made you nervous to even take the cats picture because I was afraid I would get yelled at.

Cat judging area
I had never seen a Sphinx cat before so this was a bit of a treat. The owner let me touch her and it felt weird. I always thought I would like owning a Sphinx but I wouldn't.
That's a sea of crazy cat people. They even had cage judging. I don't think you can see but the bottom right cage has a mini chandelier
This guy was my FAVORITE!!!! look at that face... TO CUTE!!!
His owner let the girls play and pet him, he was so sweet.
THIS lady.... oh she was a CRAAAAZY cat lady. This lil guy was eating so she put his head through a paper towel so his fur wouldn't get dirty. He kept twitching as he looked around to try to see what the hell was around his neck... he certainly didn't seem to appreciate this bib

The two top pictures were kitties that were for sale, and I will tell you, they were pretty darn cute. The bottom right picture was an interesting looking kitty, his fur looked wavy. I was talking to a women who was next to his cage and was talking to other people about him, and I asked if he was hers "No, he's my best friends.... she is mine" and she pointed to a white Persian. You could tell she was annoyed that people weren't asking about her cat. So I said "Oh she's beautiful... is maintaining her fur time consuming?" she said "Yes... her pre show bath take 2.5 hours" hahahaha oooookay.

AND you wouldn't believe it... but we say GRUMPY CATS BROTHER!!!!!
Ok not really... but common... doesn't he look like grumpy cat, this lady is probably thinking
"shit.. why isn't my cat making me millions with his grumpy face?"


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Groove into a great new App!

So I've been sitting on something I discovered, to see the product quality before sharing, but the product has shown up and I am EXCITED to share!

 I watch a popular show called Shark Tank. It's a show where aspiring entrepreneurs go in front of a panel of investors "sharks" (who them self's are successful entrepreneurs) to ask for money to help fund their idea in exchange for a percentage of their business. I've been watching the show for several years now and have seen some AWESOME ideas and some cool products I've either used, or wanted to use.

It was about a month ago I was watching the show when a couple entered the shark tank to pitch their idea for an App they came up with called Groove Book.  The pitch began with "You take 100's if not 1,000 of pictures on your cell phone.... then what???" Well.. they had the solution.. GROOVE BOOK. It's an app that allows you to upload 100 photos from your phone, to the app, and will then send you a copy of those 100 photos in a nicely bound photo book. The pictures are a standard 4x7, and every photo has a beveled edge for easy removal. Each photo is also date and time stamped above the beveled edge. 

I was SO excited when I heard this I got on my phone, uploaded my first 100 pictures and waited anxiously to receive my first book. Well, TODAY it came and I LOVE IT! The quality is awesome, the pictures are great and the colorful cover is beautiful. I will say the quality of the photo is what the quality of the photo is on your phone. The pictures I uploaded that were unaltered, are a perfect 4x7. I have several pictures that are from my Instagram (that's me... follow me!) so they are square not a full 4x7, but that is what it is. There's nothing Groove Book could do about that.

The best part of this app....$2.99!!!!!! I can't believe for $2.99 a month I get 100 memories in a nicely bound book that I otherwise would do nothing with. I have pictures on my phone that I would probably never print, but didn't want to get ride of. Like going to the tattoo shop with my friend Kim, I didn't really have anything I would do with those pictures, but I didn't want to delete them either, but NOW.. I have them in hard copy, in a nicely bound book along with other stuff I was doing at that time. I LOVE IT!

Here it is.... this is what the front cover looks like
Here's a sample of some of the pictures in my first one.

Time and date Stamp
This is what the logo looks like in the App Store.. so GO! Go now!! and BUY IT!!!!