Thursday, August 14, 2014's for real

It wasn't till several years ago, while walking on a treadmill with a girlfriend that I discovered I suffered from PMS. Truly I had NO idea, she actually pointed it out
"Are you going to start your period?" She asked. TOTALLY appalled I snapped back "NO!"
But to my surprise, within a few days it DID indeed show up. "Wow!" I thought.. "how did she know?" I'll tell you how, by the ranting of crazy that was coming out of my mouth. Annoyed at everybody and everything, normal things that would maybe slightly be irritating seemed reason enough to cut off friendships, relationships, and quite possibly serve jail time HAHA. The point is, I was INSAIN. Not only do I find myself getting annoyed easily, I also feel extremely sensitive, which isn't a good things since I'm already a pretty sensitive person. I get my feelings hurt easily, and often times am left feeling disappointed in most of my relationships. So that being my norm impacted with PMS is a pretty scary combination. I think people talk about me, I don't think anybody likes me. I mean.. really, really.. insane. I'll tell you the MOST insane thing about when I'm suffering from this, I think in that moment, that I'm actually at my most clear. This was extremely prevalent in May at the end of the school year. I got so worked up by stuff at my kids school, that I was convinced people were lying to me just to cover up other truths that they didn't want me to know for the sake of my feelings. Not only did I think this, but I was CONVINCED that it wasn't crazy.. but rather a "clarity" moment.. it was an "AH HA" moment.
"Though it seems irrational, MAYBE actually right now your, your most clear, it's the rest of the time that your living in a fog and in the land of make believe" true thought.

I also suffer from Period headaches.. truly it's a real thing, a side effect of PMS I think. I only know it's real because I was convinced I had a brain tumor.. but no, I Googled it and "menstrual headache" popped up. I don't like that word Menstrual, EW. So I'll call it Period Headaches, or a side effect of sever bitchiness.
It's a pretty scary to have your thoughts take you down dark paths so easily. Luckily mine only last about the week before my period comes. Because once it hits, I'm actually normal again, maybe a little irritable because of cramping, but the crazy me is gone. I don't know a lot of women who suffer from PMS quite to the extent I do, just the one girlfriend who pointed out. She's JUST like it, so she saw it loud and clear. I could feel it this morning when I woke up, and after I showered to find that nobody in my house had done anything that needed to be done. Breakfast, lunch packed for Graces drama camp.. getting dressed. I was like "Really..?" then a passive aggressive tone "Oh .. I forgot, nothing gets done without MY initiative" Not to say I wasn't annoyed that Tyler was just sitting there, doing nothing, but I got pretty bitchy. I ended up texting him an apology later.. just for the sake of keeping the peace HAHAHA because I still think I was COMPLETELY justified.
The moral of the story is.. if you suffer from PMS... no matter how crazy you get, your not alone. Recognize the symptoms and maybe avoid people. I tend to back away from everybody and  I always tell Tyler he has to be extra nice to me during that time of the month.

In other news... I found this picture through a series of Facebook stalking. It was the cover photo of somebody that my stalking ladder took me to. I LOVE IT! I'll tell you this, I will own this in print one day.. and if I could find a tattoo artist who could do a portrait... quite possibly on my body.
Undying love by Mike Bell...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Road trip 2014

Just a FEW pictures from our whirl wind of a trip across the country to take my sister her dog. To North Dakota and back in 9 days...
There's the girls, all tucked in to their seats in the Fiat.

Finnegan tried really hard to not sleep
Grace and I passing through Montana

Made it to North Dakota!

Day Three on the road we passed The Enchanted Highway.
I was SO excited to see it. When Tyler and I went across he wouldn't stop because it wasn't on the way. BOO!

Mom would only stop for two of the sculptures. But I would love to see them all

I just love these pictures of the girls in the WIDE OPEN SPACES pictures.
these were taken while on the Enchanted highway

Isn't this an AWESOME cow picture?!?!? YEA it is!

That's my gnome Tyler outside the Minot zoo

I loved that Lama
I was really upset with how the camels looked. So I took a ton of pictures to document their condition to report it HAHAHAH till I learned this shedding was normal

The grizzlies were pretty cute

We went to the International Peace Garden. It's boarders the United States and Canada
This was wreckage from 9/11 it was unexpected and a little emotional

I think those structures are suppose to represent the twin towers BUT see that orange tape.. we couldn't get close enough

See how annoying they have been.. separated by country. HAHA!

We went to a Scandinavian village
I met someone

We stopped at Boondocks in Wyoming. It was fun

The Flintstones Amusement park.

The ladies
This makes me laugh, look to the right, at Bam Bam.. that's Presley's face in there

A scooter I can handle

I applied within

We stopped at the jeweled caves

We saw snow on the way to Yellowstone, I was surprised to see it. The girls were excited, this was their first experience with snow

I SERIOUSLY under packed. Who knew

Not me HAHA

This was a SUPER highlight!

So Fun!

 Tyler the gnome with a buffalo
Had to see Old Faithful

The last lovely thing we saw was Bear Lake.. hmm now I don't remember the name.

but these pictures don't do it justice it was STUNNING. The blues were so lovely.