Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Another one bites the dust....

Today I met with the new nurse for Presley using a different nursing agency. I was feeling really confident about her because I was told she had diabetic experience and had worked with multiple pumps before... SCORE!  I didn't get the warm fuzzy from her at first, she seemed a little out of sorts, she accidently went to the wrong school so she was a little frazzled. She seemed nice, she seemed more confident than the last one we just had to let go. (Remember she asked if she could give her insulin)

The day started off fine. she was listening as I explained things I'm stickler for when it comes to her 504 such as.. making sure her BG is within normal range for all standardized testing, and checking for ketones and calling me if her BG is over 250 on two consecutive checks or over 300 after one check. I highlighted things in the 504 that really matter to me, I explained my expectations of treating a low and a high BG, and I went over her dexcom. When we checked her BG I showed her how to administer insulin. I was a bit alarmed when she said the last pump she worked with this big...

I thought
"Huh did they make them that big??"
"how long ago was that?"
But I was still like.. okay, okay.. it's okay. She'll learn. I didn't feel like her meshing with the class was going to be very seamless, BUT I thought.... it's her first day, it will come with comfort, and at this point though, I really want somebody who meshes but, I'm just desperate for competence and that the teacher may have to just look forward to Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays when Dana is there.
THEN came lunch. I had Presley check her ketones because she had been in the high 200's all day. So her and her nurse went to the bathroom and came back and told me she had trace ketones.. but ketones none the less. I told Marissa "Okay, so if there are ever ketones present you'll need to call me and more than likely I'm going to ask you to give her 1 unit. so go ahead.. one unite via a syringe"
As she drew up the shot I was watching and thinking "that's not how I do it, BUT don't be so darn controlling" She drew the insulin REALLY far down, I again thought "wow, that's a lot, she must just be being EXTRA cautious to not get an air bubble" Then when she was at 10 units.. (you read that right TEN units) she said.. " said two units right" ... confused I replied "no, 1 unit" she said "oh okay..." then took the shot down to 5 units... and said "okay there.." I think my eyes would have popped out of my head if my sunglasses weren't on. I said "Oh no, that's 5 units, this is one unit" then took the shot down to 1.She said "oh, ok, back in the day the needles use to be longer" (I shit you negative) uuummm I don't think so. One has always been one, and two has always been two. Basic nursing skills, BASIC.. NURSING.. SKILLS. This isn't going to work.
So now we're back at stage one.
Poor Presley, I think it's starting to take it's toll on her. She's tired of meeting people, and I'll tell you what. I wont be doing that again. Nobody will be going into the classroom till after I meet them, and I go over her 504 and my expectations. I probably wont have them meet Presley either till I feel like it could work..
Funny thing happened though, it made me laugh and think about how stupid white people are around black people, because we're so afraid of being considered raciest.
After snack Presley wanted a drink, she handed me her book and said "hold this.. I'm thirsty" I was like.. "ew no.." she said "hold it.. I cant drink and hold my book" I was looking at her and said "Who do you think I am? I'm not your Sl....." then I stopped and said "Maid... I'm not your maid" HAHA because I couldn't say the word Slave in front of a black lady. So stupid
(oh, obviously our nurse today was black)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Music Time MONDAY!

Happy Monday!!

Today has been a fully busy day for me! I ended up at the girls school ALL day today, helping multiple teachers and laminating. I'm the new laminator for the school.. LOOK out! The exciting life of a Stay at home mom who over volunteers herself.

I was suppose to meet with the new nurse today BUT she decided she didn't want to take the job. I must say I was shocked and a little ... EW. WHY wouldn't she want to work with MY daughter HAHA! Of course I took it personally. I pretty much assume it's because she's dumb, and that sounds like a completely mature and valid reason.

Besides being busy at school today, I'm sweating a lot. Our weather totally sucks, and I'm over it. I hate when people say "well at least you don't live ____ where it's ____ " UM... yea! That's why I don't live there and I live here where our weather is suppose to be perfect. I know we have it good here, but these 2 to 3 weeks where our weather is anything other than a pleasant 72 I am allowed to complain, because I'm not use to it, AND that is that. I'm much more of a fall girl, I love the clothing, the weather and the holidays all surrounding fall and winter. Bring on the fall!

Todays music time Monday is brought to you buy

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros
their song Home

I LOVE this song.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's been a hard day ............

Okay, so I've started this blog once already but, after reading my first paragraph, talking about the PTA, made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! OMG! I'm such a MOM! I've decided to NOT talk about PTA Shit, I'm so not the PTA mom type. I never saw myself as being a "PTA" or "Room Mom" kinda mom. So it just makes me chuckle. I'll keep my nerd mom problems to myself.

I did say in the beginning that this was fixing to be a hard year, and THAT is true and the point of this particular blog.

We've been in school for 3 weeks now and I just had to write a letter to the Principal and district nurse telling them that one of Presley's nurses isn't working. She was assigned two this year, her nurse from last year had a baby and only wanted to come back part time. So she works three days and this new nurse works 2. It has been a frustrating three weeks. My first impressions of this second nurse were never great, she didn't seem very confident. She talked a lot, asked a lot of questions without waiting for the answer to said question and talked about her old client a lot. I guess she worked with a diabetic before and was trying to share her "experience" but all I thought was

"I don't care, I care about THIS case.. not the last one"

Anybody who knows a diabetic or multiple diabetics know Your Diabetes may vary. No two diabetics are the same. What works for one, may not work for another.

I tried really hard to be patient, I copied pump function manual pages with the explanation of the basic pump functions she would be using. I highlighted it, and made notes... pretty straight forward. But she continued to ask questions about how to use the pump and other simple STRAIGHT forward things that were spelled out in Presley's 504. FOR example I got a text...

"May I give Presley a juice box, her BG is 67." UM yea!

Then the final straw was today when I was leaving Presley's classroom from volunteering she asked to talk to me. I took a deep breath and rolled my eyes (in my head, not really, her questions take FOR.EV.ER) We went out on the ramp and after about 3 minutes of her saying I don't even remember what she says...

"I just want to ask you this question to be clear about my job... now if her pump says to give her insulin like it did today to correct her BG, can I give her that insulin without calling you"

OMG! This is THREE weeks in.

Presley's BG is so up and down, she's very unpredictable. In fact the only thing predictable is that she's unpredictable. She's up, she's down, she's perfect, she's not. She battled ketones twice since school started and I need somebody who can make a decision. I need somebody who is comfortable, who is confident and can think on their feet. I could tell she was not very confident which made me unable to trust her.It makes me feel awful because she was such a SWEET kind lady. I totally appreciated her willingness to want to learn but in the end it just wasn't going to work.

Now we have a new nurse coming tomorrow to shadow the nurse we like. I must admit, I'm totally uncomfortable with the situation. I wont allow anybody to work with Presley who I haven't met, so I'm a bit concerned that there will be shadowing tomorrow. I'm REALLY controlling, like over everything. But when it comes to Presley I'm OBSESSIVE and controlling. I'm trying to roll with it, but I'm not just concerned about this lady meeting Presley and learning how we do things, then it not working out, BUT I'm worried about it being a distraction for the rest of the students, having another adult in the room "training" and then it not working out and having to do that ALL over again.

I'm also trying to start the process of having Presley tested for a learning issue. She's struggled through out school. I've made my concerns known in Kindergarten and every year since. Every year the teachers can see the struggle and the concern but didn't feel that there was ENOUGH of a discrepancy to intervene. Here we are, in third grade and the official "I'm requesting testing" letter has been written and turned in. The same day the letter was handed to the teacher she let me know she got a response from the Special Ed teacher and it pretty much said at the "Meeting" held that day, they decided to not do testing and to put some interventions into place. Meeting?? What meeting? I wasn't at a meeting.. our teacher wasn't at a meeting. Interesting. And the interventions they are talking about is dumb. Chair placement for example. Oye.. I don't know if I have enough fight in me.

I'm just a bundle of nerves right now. I hate feeling unsettled, I'm not my normal perky self.

Monday, September 1, 2014

All Good Things!!!

I wanted to share my FAVORITE new website. You can thank me later... or not, because I warn you it's HIGHLY addictive. Jane.Com Oh this website was introduced to me by a friend. It's like a Zulilly I guess (that's what I've heard, I've never actually shopped at Zulilly) You get an email everyday of their new deals. They have clothes, accessories, home goods, and everything in-between. They have great ideas for teacher gifts and gifts for yourself. I think Christmas shopping may start early this year! Here's a sample of some of the things I've seen there that I either find hysterical, remind me of somebody, or are a good idea

This shirt reminded me of a friend

They have unique T-shirts I've never seen before. That Okayest brother shirt makes me wish I had a brother. I DID find however Worlds Okayest Mom.. HELL yes I need that!

These all make me laugh

I love gifts like this, I would LOVE to receive a gift like this from my honey, but no, no he would NEVER think of something like this, and if I were to buy it for him, he would look at me weird.
I love the back of these tanks. SO sexy. They however only come in one size. EH, that makes me nervous

They have a TON of engraved stuff.

I started this blog DAYS ago, what took me so long is beyond me. BUT now I'll share this silly video Grace showed me.

Thanks for clearing up the difference between a geek and a nerd. Just in case you were like me and not hip enough to know, now you do your welcome

MUSIC time Monday!!!!

I'm obsessed with this song! I LOVE it!

By SomeKindaWonderful


I love this song so much, I was afraid to watch the video, I think sometimes videos can ruin a song for me. BUT I love this one. I like that the lyrics are there, and the style of the video. I LOVE MUSIC!!!

You will NEVER be perfect... but you can be REMARKABLE if you chose to be

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Time waits for no one....

Recently I've been feeling like time is just slipping away. I look at my kids and can't believe that I have a 5th grader and 3rd grader. I don't know if it's my age, or because of a lovely women I know battling stage IV breast cancer. I've lost an aunt to breast cancer but for some reason this seems to settle to close to MY reality. A mother, of two small girls, faced with the hard reality that she may never see them walk down the isle, or across a high school stage.  It makes my eyes well up at the thought. I look at my children and I can't imagine leaving them, I can't imagine their life going on without me. I breaks my heart for her and makes me appreciate my life more. It makes me realize how precious life is, and how we never really know what tomorrow holds. Your life can change in a moment, with a simple diagnoses or incident, in a moment life can take on a whole new meaning.

I don't want to have one of these "moments" to actually live IN the moment. I find myself thinking bigger, thinking.. because you never know it's best to live, fully. To not wait later for things you want to try or do, because your later may never come. The girls and I were talking the other day on the way home from school about life, and I told them simply this

"Life is short, life is precious, you should live life to the absolute fullest you can. Live a happy, full life, taking chances and never letting fear hold you back. it's so short to live with regrets, and no matter what you do, unless it's stupid, and reckless and could kill you, it's just a story to tell. It's a chapter in the story of your life, no regrets"

That song Rude by Magic (I posted it here) also sat with me. The video is so sweet and it made me so happy. I told Tyler after the song was over "We would say yes" I want my girls to LOVE, and if they love and it ends up falling apart, that's okay, they can love again. I want them to love and explore. I don't think there is a love stronger than your first young love. That's a magical, pure love. There's no expectations, you don't worry or think about what it really means, your just in love. No worries about real life responsibilities. It's sweet.

One day while feeling all emotional about the future, and the happiness of my children and what a blessing it is to be apart of it, I found my next tattoo. I was originally going to do a tattoo for my profession (hairdresser) till I found this. Time Waits For No One.. ain't that the truth. Perfect.

Or perhaps more like this, but an hour glass for sure.
My girlfriend and I were talking about all this today over lunch, while with tears in my eyes talking about this beautiful lady I know, we posed a questions.. How different would life be if we all knew how long we had?? Would be kinder? Would we love deeper? Hug stronger and more often? Would we speak softer? I think we would, if somebody looked at you and told you the amount of time you had left, I think you would live life differently. I want to live life differently today, because we can't know, I want to TRY to live each day (well most) with the greatest of appreciation, and I don't want to disappoint myself with not REALLY living it.
Don't wait for the moment that will MAKE you change how you live today, just LIVE for the moments that you have now, and look around you and appreciate what you have, and try to imagine if tomorrow....... it was all gone.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Music time Monday!

I love music, I don't think there is probably anybody who doesn't, have you ever met somebody who just hated music? I haven't. It can make you cry when your feeling vulnerable and need a good cry, it can make you smile when you need a pick me up, it can help you move past painful times, and it motivates me to get things done around my house. First thing in the morning instead of turning on the TV I turn on the radio (Pandora) and we listen and dance to music as we get ready for our day.

With all the movies and TV shows out there about the end of the world, whether because of zombies, or the power going out, I think about the world as we know it ending. I realized the thing I would miss the most if our world as we knew it ended, while I was standing in my garage doing laundry. I could hear somebodies radio playing "Sitting on the dock of the bay" (I dunno if that's the real title) but I love the song and I loved that it was just in the air. I thought, gosh, if the world as we knew it ended... it would be SO quiet, and I couldn't imagine not hearing music. It's a puzzling thought. So here's a song that I LOVE right now. It's so catchy!

I've decided to share an entry I had to write for Grace's teacher. I guess every weekend the parent will have a writing assignment. It will be the same question that your child wrote about. My first writing homework was about my favorite school memory. I'll hopefully remember to share each entry on Monday. It was hard for me to do this. I was a TERRIBLE student, like.. terrible, so most of my stories I'm not ready to share or are not entirely appropriate to share with my daughters 5th grade teacher!

My favorite school memory....This is hard for me, I'm not sure if it's because it seems like forever ago, or if because I have a bad memory. I have a lot of moments that I remember, mostly because they were embarrassing.... not necessarily my "favorite" moment but memorable. I remember in first grade my teacher Mrs.Williams was talking to another student and I wanted to listen so I walked over and asked what was going on, she looked at me and said "Nosy little girls get their nose cut off" and she made a scissor cutting gesture, my eyes got really big and I turned around and walked away. In middle school I remember my best friend Jen and I power walking to the bus because this scary girl was yelling at Jen asking if she wanted her to "knock her teeth out" Jen as we power walked/ran to the bus kept smiling saying "No thank you" HA! and in High school I remember my Junior English teacher on the first day of school telling us that she would lie to us, she said "as students your interested in your teachers life, I'll tell you stories but they probably wont be true.. it will keep you entertained while maintaining my privacy" I liked her.