Monday, September 1, 2014

Good Things!!!

I wanted to share my FAVORITE new website. You can thank me later... or not, because I warn you it's HIGHLY addictive. Jane.Com Oh this website was introduced to me by a friend. It's like a Zulilly I guess (that's what I've heard, I've never actually shopped at Zulilly) You get an email everyday of their new deals. They have clothes, accessories, home goods, and everything in-between. They have great ideas for teacher gifts and gifts for yourself. I think Christmas shopping may start early this year! Here's a sample of some of the things I've seen there that I either find hysterical, remind me of somebody, or are a good idea

This shirt reminded me of a friend

They have unique T-shirts I've never seen before. That Okayest brother shirt makes me wish I had a brother. I DID find however Worlds Okayest Mom.. HELL yes I need that!

These all make me laugh

I love gifts like this, I would LOVE to receive a gift like this from my honey, but no, no he would NEVER think of something like this, and if I were to buy it for him, he would look at me weird.
I love the back of these tanks. SO sexy. They however only come in one size. EH, that makes me nervous

They have a TON of engraved stuff.

I started this blog DAYS ago, what took me so long is beyond me. BUT now I'll share this silly video Grace showed me.

Thanks for clearing up the difference between a geek and a nerd. Just in case you were like me and not hip enough to know, now you do your welcome

MUSIC time Monday!!!!

I'm obsessed with this song! I LOVE it!

By SomeKindaWonderful


I love this song so much, I was afraid to watch the video, I think sometimes videos can ruin a song for me. BUT I love this one. I like that the lyrics are there, and the style of the video. I LOVE MUSIC!!!

You will NEVER be perfect... but you can be REMARKABLE if you chose to be

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Time waits for no one....

Recently I've been feeling like time is just slipping away. I look at my kids and can't believe that I have a 5th grader and 3rd grader. I don't know if it's my age, or because of a lovely women I know battling stage IV breast cancer. I've lost an aunt to breast cancer but for some reason this seems to settle to close to MY reality. A mother, of two small girls, faced with the hard reality that she may never see them walk down the isle, or across a high school stage.  It makes my eyes well up at the thought. I look at my children and I can't imagine leaving them, I can't imagine their life going on without me. I breaks my heart for her and makes me appreciate my life more. It makes me realize how precious life is, and how we never really know what tomorrow holds. Your life can change in a moment, with a simple diagnoses or incident, in a moment life can take on a whole new meaning.

I don't want to have one of these "moments" to actually live IN the moment. I find myself thinking bigger, thinking.. because you never know it's best to live, fully. To not wait later for things you want to try or do, because your later may never come. The girls and I were talking the other day on the way home from school about life, and I told them simply this

"Life is short, life is precious, you should live life to the absolute fullest you can. Live a happy, full life, taking chances and never letting fear hold you back. it's so short to live with regrets, and no matter what you do, unless it's stupid, and reckless and could kill you, it's just a story to tell. It's a chapter in the story of your life, no regrets"

That song Rude by Magic (I posted it here) also sat with me. The video is so sweet and it made me so happy. I told Tyler after the song was over "We would say yes" I want my girls to LOVE, and if they love and it ends up falling apart, that's okay, they can love again. I want them to love and explore. I don't think there is a love stronger than your first young love. That's a magical, pure love. There's no expectations, you don't worry or think about what it really means, your just in love. No worries about real life responsibilities. It's sweet.

One day while feeling all emotional about the future, and the happiness of my children and what a blessing it is to be apart of it, I found my next tattoo. I was originally going to do a tattoo for my profession (hairdresser) till I found this. Time Waits For No One.. ain't that the truth. Perfect.

Or perhaps more like this, but an hour glass for sure.
My girlfriend and I were talking about all this today over lunch, while with tears in my eyes talking about this beautiful lady I know, we posed a questions.. How different would life be if we all knew how long we had?? Would be kinder? Would we love deeper? Hug stronger and more often? Would we speak softer? I think we would, if somebody looked at you and told you the amount of time you had left, I think you would live life differently. I want to live life differently today, because we can't know, I want to TRY to live each day (well most) with the greatest of appreciation, and I don't want to disappoint myself with not REALLY living it.
Don't wait for the moment that will MAKE you change how you live today, just LIVE for the moments that you have now, and look around you and appreciate what you have, and try to imagine if tomorrow....... it was all gone.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Music time Monday!

I love music, I don't think there is probably anybody who doesn't, have you ever met somebody who just hated music? I haven't. It can make you cry when your feeling vulnerable and need a good cry, it can make you smile when you need a pick me up, it can help you move past painful times, and it motivates me to get things done around my house. First thing in the morning instead of turning on the TV I turn on the radio (Pandora) and we listen and dance to music as we get ready for our day.

With all the movies and TV shows out there about the end of the world, whether because of zombies, or the power going out, I think about the world as we know it ending. I realized the thing I would miss the most if our world as we knew it ended, while I was standing in my garage doing laundry. I could hear somebodies radio playing "Sitting on the dock of the bay" (I dunno if that's the real title) but I love the song and I loved that it was just in the air. I thought, gosh, if the world as we knew it ended... it would be SO quiet, and I couldn't imagine not hearing music. It's a puzzling thought. So here's a song that I LOVE right now. It's so catchy!

I've decided to share an entry I had to write for Grace's teacher. I guess every weekend the parent will have a writing assignment. It will be the same question that your child wrote about. My first writing homework was about my favorite school memory. I'll hopefully remember to share each entry on Monday. It was hard for me to do this. I was a TERRIBLE student, like.. terrible, so most of my stories I'm not ready to share or are not entirely appropriate to share with my daughters 5th grade teacher!

My favorite school memory....This is hard for me, I'm not sure if it's because it seems like forever ago, or if because I have a bad memory. I have a lot of moments that I remember, mostly because they were embarrassing.... not necessarily my "favorite" moment but memorable. I remember in first grade my teacher Mrs.Williams was talking to another student and I wanted to listen so I walked over and asked what was going on, she looked at me and said "Nosy little girls get their nose cut off" and she made a scissor cutting gesture, my eyes got really big and I turned around and walked away. In middle school I remember my best friend Jen and I power walking to the bus because this scary girl was yelling at Jen asking if she wanted her to "knock her teeth out" Jen as we power walked/ran to the bus kept smiling saying "No thank you" HA! and in High school I remember my Junior English teacher on the first day of school telling us that she would lie to us, she said "as students your interested in your teachers life, I'll tell you stories but they probably wont be true.. it will keep you entertained while maintaining my privacy" I liked her.

I can't wait....

Till FALL!! Forget about sandy beaches, warm weather, bathing suits and the smell of summer in the air. I LOVE the fall. The clothes, the crisp air, the holidays, I LOVE fall. ONE of my favorite things about the fall.. TV. I admittedly LOVE TV probably far to much. Like... if I had only ONE source of entertainment Television would be it for me.
I start getting excited about my shows in late July. Once the commercials start I get giddy inside.
I can't believe this will our final season with Sons of Anarchy. I'm so anxious to see how it ends, it's been said that it's loosely bases on Hamlet and though I've never read it I know it doesn't end happy. Oh the season finally was shocking and sad, I cant imagine what they have in store for us.

Blacklist... AKA, the BEST new show on TV. I'm so excited to see the shenanigans Red gets into, and big first season questions being answered. Like IS he agent Keen's dad? FOR SURE. I swear there was an episode early EARLY  last season where he said to agent Keen "I'm your father" and she was like "what.. what does that mean? you know my dad"  SO excited. I LOVE Red's character.

Scandal... oh I'm not an advocate for adultery but I LOVE that relationship. So romantic, but I must admit, I'm pretty attached to Jake.. I feel bad for him. I think he's a smart choice, and he's good looking.

Revenge.. boy oh boy did THAT leave us with a million cliff hangers. David cook not being dead, Victoria being locked up in a loony bin. I'll tell you, television writers are SO talented always able to add more drama where you think there couldn't possible be any more to be had.
Vampire Diaries! Oh my guilty teen pleasure. Now obviously Damon can't be dead, that would end the show, he's far to handsome and popular to kill off. But I wonder what drama's will occur to get him back. Sometimes I think "really" that would be exhausting to be any of these characters always something awful around every turn. Sometimes I also think they should all just go their separate ways HAHA but I guess that wouldn't be very good for television though.
the Originals... I must admit, I love those naughty originals and I have a crush on bad boy Clause. I'm routing for him. It must be hard being so old and feeling so alone HAHA

The rest are shows I love and am just excited to see come back.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

I did it again .......

 I did it again, I deleted my Facebook account.... it just made me feel bad, I already struggle with feeling forgettable and unimportant to a lot of people. Facebook just fuels my feelings and makes me feel.. EW. It gives access to my life to people who really don't give a shit about me or my family, it gives them opportunities to be "lurkers" and to come and go as they please. If I didn't have Facebook, would we be in contact? Would they reach out? Would I? Probably not, I doubt 90% of my "friends" will even notice I'm gone, it will be interesting to see who I hear from first.

I feel like we're being lost to social media. I've been considering doing this for a while now, I've started anew.  I think we're too connected, I think we're looking at screens to much, I think we don't look up enough, we don't look at each other, we don't talk. We text, we update, we post. It's all so sad. Tyler and I have talked about how rude we have become as a society. We're so self absorbed with our lives that I think we're more disconnected from each other and more connected to our pretend lives on the internet. Hey I'm totally guilty of this, between my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and this blog I have quite the internet presence. But it's become to much, it actually stresses me out, carrying two cameras for example... my normal camera, and my phone. I need two pictures, the one for my computer, my albums, for my real life. That would be with my Real camera, then another for my social media with my cell phone. It's all so exhausting. I think it's like a drug, I think some people can do the internet and social media in moderation, then there are others who get to addicted, they get sucked in to it.
 I'm one of those, I get sucked in, I get to into it. Besides that being really lame, I'm also to sensitive for being that invested in something that doesn't matter. I cant help but have my feelings hurt when I post something and nobody acknowledges it, then to have somebody else SHARE my post and shared friends acknowledge them and not me. That sounds so.....I'm not sure of the word, but it's dumb, I know that. SO my simple solution... Deactivate. This will be a good addition to my new rules with my cell phone.
It blows my mind while in a restaurant, watching people sitting at a table together and both people are looking down at their phones. Tyler and I went to dinner with friends of ours once and I dare say the guy was looking at his phone probably 80% of the time (and that's me being VERY generous because he was probably actually looking more often) Lord only knows what he was doing, texting other people? I'm sure. Updating his Facebook? Defiantly. Commenting on other's Facebook updates? You betcha! His wife said to him once "What are you doing?' and he looked at her like "excuse me.."  she said "I know sorry, that was rude" BAHAHA really? um, NO, he's rude.
We're all rude. Being in the presence of ACTUAL people, while in conversation your phone makes a noise so you look to see.. it's so rude. They are just looking to see if it's more important than talking to you, and forget about how rude it is if they actually respond to a text or pick up.
Again, I'm guilty of this too. But not anymore, when I'm with people, I'm going to be with them, I'm going to look into their eyes and engage. I ran into a snag in this plan on Monday, the girls first day of school. A group of us went to brunch and my phone texted twice and rang once. I in my new way of life, ignored it. It ended up being Presley's nurse, so I had to find a solution for this conundrum because I can't not answer her phone calls, because... she doesn't just call me to chat, but because I think even looking is rude, I gave her nurse her own ring tone and text alert, NOW I know.
I think we're setting a poor example for our kids, I think we're showing them that relationships aren't as important, when a 2 year old says "put down your phone mommy" there is an imbalance. When my girls say "your on your phone to much" there is an imbalance. I think kids are exposed to, too much because of our obsession with social media, because it's only natural to let them have a social media if we do. If we didn't use Facebook and Instagram would we still let them use it? I don't think kids have ANY business on social media. None, zip, zero. I think it opens the door to issues that don't need to be issues. I told my girls they wouldn't have access to ANY social media till they are in high school, and even then we'll see. I think in elementary they are FAR to young, it's unnecessary, I think middle school is evil which makes it unnecessary and like I said, High School.. we'll see.
I don't think kids need cell phones. They don't need to have access to texting, or calling their friends when ever they want. It makes me laugh when people say
"I want them to be able to get ahold of me in case of an emergency"
What type of emergency? Why are they any where, where an adult, isn't at least shouting distance away?
 School? I love the
"if something happens in school I want them to be able to contact me"
really? like what? Somebody picking on them? That can probably wait for family dinner, or I would imagine if it was bad enough the office would get involved and call the parent. OH I know... what if a gun man comes on campus and the school goes on lock down? Yea I'm sure the school will call you about that too. Would there be something you could do after hearing a panicked phone call from your child? No. I would rather have 5 more minutes of worry free time till I hear from the school.
 It all makes me shiver in disbelief, I like hearing people's reasons for wanting their kids to have a phone, and their own social media accounts. Though I think it's ridiculous for kids to be so connected, I mean, I survived without a phone till I was in my 20's. I didn't have access to my mom 24/7 and if something happened I would have to Figure. It. Out. So it make me laugh, but I'll even budge a bit here, fine, get your kid a phone, but why do they need a smart phone? The number of kids I know with smart phones in elementary school is Mind. Blowing.  Why not a flip phone that calls you the parent, and 911 for those most awful of circumstances we're so afraid of happening? Maybe we should just Micro-chip them with GPS then you'll always know where they are all the time.
Now. this isn't to say I don't understand that kids needs to be able to talk to their friends. Especially as they get older, So Tyler and I DID get them their own line. It was very generous of us, I know.
I hear my mom and girl pulling up, so I must go.

Thursday, August 14, 2014's for real

It wasn't till several years ago, while walking on a treadmill with a girlfriend that I discovered I suffered from PMS. Truly I had NO idea, she actually pointed it out
"Are you going to start your period?" She asked. TOTALLY appalled I snapped back "NO!"
But to my surprise, within a few days it DID indeed show up. "Wow!" I thought.. "how did she know?" I'll tell you how, by the ranting of crazy that was coming out of my mouth. Annoyed at everybody and everything, normal things that would maybe slightly be irritating seemed reason enough to cut off friendships, relationships, and quite possibly serve jail time HAHA. The point is, I was INSAIN. Not only do I find myself getting annoyed easily, I also feel extremely sensitive, which isn't a good things since I'm already a pretty sensitive person. I get my feelings hurt easily, and often times am left feeling disappointed in most of my relationships. So that being my norm impacted with PMS is a pretty scary combination. I think people talk about me, I don't think anybody likes me. I mean.. really, really.. insane. I'll tell you the MOST insane thing about when I'm suffering from this, I think in that moment, that I'm actually at my most clear. This was extremely prevalent in May at the end of the school year. I got so worked up by stuff at my kids school, that I was convinced people were lying to me just to cover up other truths that they didn't want me to know for the sake of my feelings. Not only did I think this, but I was CONVINCED that it wasn't crazy.. but rather a "clarity" moment.. it was an "AH HA" moment.
"Though it seems irrational, MAYBE actually right now your, your most clear, it's the rest of the time that your living in a fog and in the land of make believe" true thought.

I also suffer from Period headaches.. truly it's a real thing, a side effect of PMS I think. I only know it's real because I was convinced I had a brain tumor.. but no, I Googled it and "menstrual headache" popped up. I don't like that word Menstrual, EW. So I'll call it Period Headaches, or a side effect of sever bitchiness.
It's a pretty scary to have your thoughts take you down dark paths so easily. Luckily mine only last about the week before my period comes. Because once it hits, I'm actually normal again, maybe a little irritable because of cramping, but the crazy me is gone. I don't know a lot of women who suffer from PMS quite to the extent I do, just the one girlfriend who pointed out. She's JUST like it, so she saw it loud and clear. I could feel it this morning when I woke up, and after I showered to find that nobody in my house had done anything that needed to be done. Breakfast, lunch packed for Graces drama camp.. getting dressed. I was like "Really..?" then a passive aggressive tone "Oh .. I forgot, nothing gets done without MY initiative" Not to say I wasn't annoyed that Tyler was just sitting there, doing nothing, but I got pretty bitchy. I ended up texting him an apology later.. just for the sake of keeping the peace HAHAHA because I still think I was COMPLETELY justified.
The moral of the story is.. if you suffer from PMS... no matter how crazy you get, your not alone. Recognize the symptoms and maybe avoid people. I tend to back away from everybody and  I always tell Tyler he has to be extra nice to me during that time of the month.

In other news... I found this picture through a series of Facebook stalking. It was the cover photo of somebody that my stalking ladder took me to. I LOVE IT! I'll tell you this, I will own this in print one day.. and if I could find a tattoo artist who could do a portrait... quite possibly on my body.
Undying love by Mike Bell...